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Halle Orchestra and Choirs to celebrate Richard Lewis centenary

The Richard Lewis/Jean Shanks Trust is excited to announce that a major event is to take place in Manchester this year to commemorate Richard Lewis's centenary year.

The Halle Orchestra and Chorus is to stage a rehearsal and concert in memory of Richard Lewis on Saturday 14th June beginning with an open rehearsal starting at 10.30am in the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

Singers from around the region will be invited to sing alongside the Halle Choir at the event, which will also feature four soloists from the Royal Academy of Music. The singers are being sponsored by the Richard Lewis/Jean Shanks Trust.

Rehearsals will then be followed by a concert in the hall at 6.30pm and will end at 8pm. Afterwards the Lord Mayor of Manchester is scheduled to attend a reception where he will give a speech about Richard and his early years living and studying in Manchester and his significance to the city's musical heritage.

For more information contact Elizabeth Muir Lewis on 01323 507337.

To book tickets visit the Bridgewater Hall Box Office

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