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New Richard Lewis book 'When the Last Note Sounds' published

Richard Lewis's widow Elizabeth Muir-Lewis, who is also the founder of the Richards Lewis/Jean Shank Trust, has written a memoir of her 25+ years of marriage to Britain's most celebrated lyric tenor.

It details her time spent at his side including his work with many of the world's best and most famous musicians, but also his more intimate moments with friends and family.

When the Last Note Sounds is released by London publishing house Austin Macauley. Within it Elizabeth explores the true accounts of great happenings following the Second World War when a renaissance of British classical music took place, giving birth to several great composers, producers and conductors and a school of singers that led the way to rival the Europeans. Richard Lewis was among the main architects of that musical rebirth.

Elizabeth hopes that whoever reads these short stories, enjoys them. They are the result of many things: something she heard, people she knew and little things that become embroidered and finally become a story.

The book has also been reviewed in Opera magazine by critic George Hall, who said: “Her understanding of the voice

and the world of performance are assets in recounting Richard Lewis’s career, one of the most successful of his time." UK music industry figure Bob Porter has also reviewed the book on its Amazon Kindle page, saying: "Reading this wonderful book communicated all the expert judgement and warmth that you would experience having a quick chat with Elizabeth in her lounge.

"I have done both! It was illuminating and entertaining from start to finish."

Also available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Waterstones.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.


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