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Richard's rare colour 1950s film of Glyndebourne on Austrian TV

Austrian TV channel Servus TV recently broadcast its documentary on Glyndebourne under the 'Kultour Mit Holender' series, including footage shot by Richard Lewis.

The 25-minute programme looked at the opera house through a particularly Germanic lens, partly because several Germans are working at Glyndebourne at the moment.

The programme includes interviews with Germans Sebastian Schwartz, its General Director since November 2015, and Baritone Bjorn Burger - who appeared in several 2016 productions - but also talks to the current Executive Charman of Glyndebourne Productions Ltd, Gus Christie (pictured, above).

We're particularly thankful to the Kultour mit Holender production team, who used a lot of film archive media shot by Richard during his time at Glyndebourne during the 1950s - and what is now rare colour footage of artists and employees at work there.

To watch the programme, visit the Servus TV site here.

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