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The lady whose husband helped begin our work

Elizabeth Muir Lewis (right), founder of the Richard Lewis/Jean Shanks Trust, with Sally Walker, widow of Paul Walker.

Fundraising professional Paul Walker first introduced Jean Shanks to the Richard Lewis Trust and without his passion for classical music and his amazing contacts, the work that the Richard Lewis/Jean Shanks Trust does today would not be possible.

It was with Paul's help that Jean Shanks sought to gift over a million pounds to the trust, money which now helps fund one of the most diverse range of, and largest, bursaries and awards for singer training in the UK, administered and supported by the Royal Academy of Music.

It was therefore enormously exciting to see Sally Walker at a recent event at the Royal Academy of Music to celebrate the trust's work. There she heard its Principal Jonathan Freeman-Atwood and head of vocal studies Professor Mark Wildman highlight both the work of the trust and the invaluable financial contribution that Jean Shanks made to its continuing success.

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